Universally ignored

October 27, 2009

ACADEMY. After explaining about the long time plate tectonics had to wait until it finally got accepted by the mainstream geology science, Bryson ends the chapter with the following comment:

Interestingly, oil company geologists had known for years that if you wanted to find oil you had to allow for precisely the sort of surface movements that were implied by plate tectonics. But oil geologists didn’t write academic papers; they just found oil.

ROSSI. Quina és l’expressió que mai no fan servir ni en Biaggi, ni en Sete, ni en Lorenzo? Vale.

SALUTACIONS. Quant més sonor el bes, més fals el sentiment?

FREEDOM What philosophical thesis do you think it most important to disseminate? > Freedom. It sounds trite, but without it, what’s the point of life? Almost everything else is incidental to the basic right of a newborn human being to grow up to enjoy life on this planet limited only by the moderation required to mutually accommodate others (Brett Lock, from the normblog profiles).

Si hi estàs d’acord, ets un liberal clàssic.


When the crust reached the end of its journey at the boundary with continents, it plunged back into the Earth in a process known as subduction. That explained where all the sediment went. It was being returned to the bowels of the Earth. It also explained why ocean floors everywhere were so comparatively youthful. None had ever been found to be older than about 175 million years, which was a puzzle because continental rocks were often billions of years old. Now Hess could see why. Ocean rocks lasted only as long as it took them to travel to shore. It was a beautiful theory that explained a great deal. Hess elaborated his ideas in an important paper, which was almost universally ignored.

Bryson of course.